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Who should read this tutorial?

Anyone who is interested in finance will be helped by reading this tutorial, but it is aimed at those with little or no finance experience or training.

Appropriate readers include:
small business owners
people trapped at home during violent storms

Who am I?

I am Moloch, who comes from the Darkness to smite the unbelievers!  Bow your heads, ugly flesh tubes!
I'm also Steven Saltman, a ne'er-do-well1 dot-commer who once had a high-flying job as an investment professional and now (UPDATED!) operates, a web site. In July 2008 I sold to Loopnet, Inc.. I used my mastery of financial modeling to make the sale happen. Well, not really, but it's helpful to be able to talk to your potential buyer about cashflow without having to call some guy with an MBA for help.
I've built hundreds of financial models, some of which actually predicted financial performance.  I have found my own skills in financial modeling invaluable when planning for my business.  For example, it's always helpful to know exactly how far behind on your mortgage you will be on your wife's birthday. (UPDATED!) I'm now divorced and don't have to worry about my wife's birthday.
I also run a site called (UPDATED!) No, I don't.
I am trapped in my house by aliens wielding colonoscopy equipment. Please call the police.




A self-indulgent person who spends time avoiding work or other useful activity: bum1, drone1, fainéant, good-for-nothing, idler, layabout, loafer, no-good, slugabed, sluggard, wastrel. Informal : do-little, do-nothing, lazybones, slug2. Slang : slouch. See INDUSTRIOUS.


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